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Consumer’s Guide: Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood Buyer's Guide

The real story behind any hardwood floor is its natural beauty. Whether it’s a traditional oak from slow-growth Canadian forests to trendy bamboo grown in China or southeast Asia, or perhaps any number of new species that are currently being developed, consumers have a wider range of options than ever before.

But there's more to today's beautiful hardwood floors than just style and color. Think environmental stewardship -- many of today's leading hardwood floors come from carefully managed forests for minimal environmental impact and longer term sustainability. Wood is, after all, a natural and renewable resource.

At the same time, new construction techniques and advances, especially in engineered product and wearlayers, make the factory-finished floors you’ll find at your specialty flooring retailer superior to any site applied finish. As for performance, today's hardwood floors stand up to kids and pets and all sorts of traffic.


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